FOREST TOWN SCHOOL – Work Experience Program “W.E.P”

This program was initiated in 2004 for the learners between the ages of 16 and 18. It is a hands-on three-year program designed to prepare and equip learners for the work environment.
Numeracy, Literacy, Life Skills and Computer Literacy are some of the subjects covered. Skills Our learners are exposed to different skills and job shadowing. These include IT, hospitality, bakery, barrister, administration, class assistant, reception, recycling, library and beauty therapy. Stakeholders Currently there are several stakeholders, who are offering their services and contributing immensely towards the program. These are:
IBM – Computer literacy
JASA – Entrepreneurial Skills
Johannesburg Zoo – Job shadowing
Gauteng Cricket Board – Job shadowing
(At Wanderers stadium)
Globeflight – bakery training
Dulce and Wiesenhof Coffee – training our learners as baristas.

Tsoga Coffee Shop We also have a fully operational coffee shop, which services the staff, parents and other special guests on Fridays. The learners bake, cook and prepare the food on Thursdays.

The Beauty Therapy Centre (BTC)

The BTC offers hairstyling and hair treatments for ladies. BTC also caters for manicures and pedicures as well a full range of massages.

Bakery Globeflight senda its representative on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays to train our learners in the bakery, where they produce biscuits, doughnuts, bread, rolls and burgers.

Barista A company called Dulce and Wiesenhof Coffee also sends its staff to train our learners as barristers.