At Forest Town School we have four enthusiastic and dedicated Speech-Language and Hearing therapists. Our main aim is to develop each child’s communication skills. The range of speech, language and hearing disabilities at the school is vast and challenging. We work with children:
• Who have feeding, speech and voicing problems as a result of cerebral palsy
• Who have language and auditory processing problems
• Who are English second language learners
• Who have hearing problems
• Who have articulation problems
• Who stutter
• Who are non-verbal

Therapists use a variety of programmes to achieve individual goals for the children. Some children receive speech therapy individually, and others in small groups.

 Although our main aim is to develop speech, some of our children are non-verbal and are unable to acquire speech. Our philosophy is that communication is possible without speech and that every child has the right and potential to develop some form of communication. In this regard alternative and augmentative communication systems are a vital part of our intervention programmes.

Computers (with adaptations for children with disabilities) and iPads are an integral part of special needs children’s lives, enabling them to achieve their potential. These are used extensively in the Speech Therapy Department and make learning a whole lot of fun!