FOREST TOWN SCHOOL – Physiotherapy 2017

The school has a well-equipped Physiotherapy Department and a team of physiotherapists who are passionate and dedicated. A neurodevelopmental therapy approach to treatment and management is followed. The objective is to maximise the child’s ability to function and participate in everyday life.

Children undergo an initial assessment to determine if they would benefit from physiotherapy. Individual or group therapy may be offered. This could mean helping them to gain their balance in sitting or standing, assisting them to walk with crutches or a walker, or improving their gross motor planning and coordination skills. The aim is to improve their mobility and independence in everyday skills.

Orthopaedic, Lower Limb Splinting and other specialist clinics are run from the Physiotherapy Department, with
specialist doctors in attendance. Children are referred to these clinics by their therapist when necessary. We also assist parents and caregivers in managing their child’s development by providing support and training.

Progress is continually monitored and treatment is based on ongoing assessment and adapted to the child’s specific needs.

The well-trained, caring therapists provide a nurturing and fun environment for the children in order to improve their gross motor skills.