FOREST TOWN SCHOOL – Medical Wing 2017

This is a medical unit run by the school nurse. Learners and staff members are attended to for minor ailments and injuries as the need arises. Medication is dispensed to learners who require it for various reasons ie epilepsy, ADHD etc. There are specific medication times during the course of the day. Parents are also advised on nutrition and appropriate referrals where necessary.

Psychologists aim to help people reach their optimum wellbeing. Through different assessments and therapies, psychologists can help individuals identify their challenges and then facilitate healing. Some of the areas the psychology team at Forest Town School can help with are:
• Learning difficulties and disabilities
• Emotional and mental hardships (grief, divorce, abuse, depression, anxiety, stress, self-worth)
• Behavioural issues and discipline
• Support and advice for parents and families

At the Forest Town School Psychology Department we look to treat all our students and their families with respect. That means, each case is dealt with privately and without judgement.
The Social worker seeks to assist individuals, families and communities to enhance their collective wellbeing. Learners are identified through a multidisciplinary team. 2017

Services rendered include:
• Identify and intervene where children are in need of care and protection.
• Provides support and assist families to access programmes that will assist certain disabilities.
• Check progress and recognise patterns of behaviour.
• Provide home visits to obtain comprehensive psychosocial assessment to identify levels of social and emotional functioning.
• Crisis intervention.



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