Every class visits the library once a week. The learners help to select 20 fiction and non-fiction books which are put into a mobile library. This goes to their classroom for a term, so that every learner has access to books to take home and read, all the time.

During the term the learners do library skills to enable them to become aware of and able to use the resources in our library, as well as that of their own local libraries.

I also have a magazine day, new books day and a DVD day each term. During the term I do a powerpoint presentation with each class, related to environmental topics or ongoing issues in the school.

Outside the library there are informative displays related to topics such as our public holidays and topics dealt with during our powerpoint discussions each term, which change every few weeks.

Teachers are able to request multimedia resource packs to assist them in the classroom which consist of books, dvds, posters, animated picture displays and powerpoint presentations.

When learners have projects, the Library works together with Computers to provide books, pictures and information. When Junior classes come, they also do music and singing activities, as well listening to stories.

Each class has a computer lesson every week. They do computer skills and research during the lessons. They also play games after they have completed the day’s work – which makes computers a very popular lesson to attend. Teachers inform the computer teacher which topics they do in the class and then lessons are structured to enrich, revise or just enforce class teaching. Some lessons are just for the fun and to get comfortable using the computer.