The Intersen Phase caters for learners from Grade 4 to Grade 7 who are able to cope with the more academic programme. A wide variety of text books, including the CAPS textbooks, are used as we have to adapt the curriculum and worksheets where necessary, for our learners. The same syllabi is utilized as in the main stream schools, but we focus on the core in order to deal with learning barriers. Learners are equipped with skills and knowledge to help them become as dependent and competent as possible. In addition to the academic programme, the learners receive Computer Competency training and Consumer Studies. A school Media Centre with Internet Facilities and a Computer Centre is also part of the Intersen Programme. A Remedial Programme is drawn up by the Educator for each learner in the class, where individual needs and barriers to learning is addressed and catered for. 

Environmental education is extended by taking learners on excursions and camps.