FOREST TOWN SCHOOL – Foundation Phase 

We have one class each in Grades 1, 2 and 3. In Foundation Phase we follow the RNCS (Revised National Curriculum Statement) as in mainstream schools, and we adapt it as required for the varied needs of our learners. We keep abreast of the latest developments concerning curriculum by attending courses run by the GDE and other agencies. During the first tem we identify learners in need of additional support and we start an ILP (Individual Learning Programme). This means we have support meetings with the therapists and Psychology department so that we are all working as a team to support the learner. Parents are kept informed about the progress of their child. In Foundation Phase, the learners go swimming once a week in summer; they do Active Ed on some Fridays; they take part in extra murals once a week on Thursdays; they do Food Preparation, Computers and Library once a week. Each term they take part in school activities such
as Fun Day, Gala, Sports Day and Talent Competition. Every second year the learners put on a concert together with the Junior Modified Department. Once a week each grade has a chance to work with Ipads and there is a smartboard in each classroom. Each Wednesday our learners go to the hall with the other Juniors to do singing. At the end of each year we have our prize-giving.